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Why Do Others Use The Juul Vaporizer?

The Goal of Juul The Juul vaporizing unit was created with the main goal to act as a cigarette smoking quitting aid. E-cigs featuring the Juul vapo...

The Scoop on Juul: How It’s Produced and How It Works

Keep loosing your Juul? Make your Juul yours with designer juul wraps. Where are Juul pods being produced? Juul units are designed in California, S...

Vaping Vs Traditional Smoking: Consumer Report

If you are a user of tobacco stuff and perhaps thinking of trying out vaping as a change, it would be wise to examine the characteristics that surr...

PHIX Vs JUUL: Which E-Cig Choice is Better?

The use of Pod Mod e-cigarette devices has skyrocketed over the past few years. If we take into account the practicality and efficiency and perform...

7 Little Benefits of Quitting Smoking and Taking up The Juul

It’s a well-known fact vaping is a much better alternative to smoking. Cigarettes are known to have over 4,000 chemicals contained inside them, inc...

The Benefits of Applying a Juul Wrap

Anyone that has a Juul knows how plain they can be. They’re great for everyday use, but their clean black finish gets boring. They are also vulnera...

10 Brand New Items Just Launched - Juul Wraps & Skins

Yesterday, ahead of schedule we launched 10 brand new products in our store. 9 of the 10 Products are Juul Wraps. We've been listening very carefully to you, our customers wants and needs! 

We added 3 collections of Juul Skins/Wraps. 

Snake Skin Collection

Next up, we officially turned our Carbon Fiber Juul Wrap/Skin into an entire collection. 

Carbon Fiber Collection

Smoke Collection

Last but surely not least! We added a bundle of Juul USB Chargers!



Welcome To Wraps Studio! New Products - Awesome Customers & More!

Welcome To Wraps Studio! New Products - Awesome Customers & More!

Welcome to our blog! We are super excited to have a place here on our blog to keep you up to date on all the exciting updates with Wraps Studio!  A...