7 Little Benefits of Quitting Smoking and Taking up The Juul

It’s a well-known fact vaping is a much better alternative to smoking. Cigarettes are known to have over 4,000 chemicals contained inside them, including 43 different kinds of carcinogens and over 400 toxins. Vaping is clearly a healthier alternative, as the e-liquid used in vaping contains only around 4 chemicals.

This is a huge improvement and it can make a big difference in people’s lives. Some of these benefits aren’t even known by the general public. Below are seven little-known benefits of quitting smoking and switching to a Juul electronic cigarette.

Kiss Cigarettes Goodbye

  1. Hands and fingers can start to smell of cigarette smoke when smoking. They can even become stained and discolored from continued smoking. Switching to a Juul to quit smoking means that your hands don’t smell like cigarette smoke anymore. Even better, any stains on your hands start to fade away after time.
  2. Another benefit of using Juul as a stop-smoking aid is that it improves your smile. When smoking tobacco, the tar from cigarettes can build up on your teeth and they can scale too. This isn’t something that you need to worry about with Juul. You’ll notice teeth can start to appear whiter just a few weeks after quitting smoking.
  3. Your senses of taste and smell can improve once you stop smoking. Tobacco products can impair these senses and dull them. If you’re going to quit smoking by using a Juul, you’ll notice that you have an easier time smelling and tasting things compared to when you were smoking tobacco products.
  4. Many people consider cigarettes and smoking to be gross and a dirty habit. One advantage of e-cigs vs cigarettes is that the stigma of smoking is eliminated almost entirely when using a Juul. It definitely makes social interactions easier and better.

Improve Personal Health and Self-Esteem With Juul

  1. You won’t need to step outside for a smoke break with a Juul. Rather, you can just stay inside and not have to worry about offensive smoke and odors. Being able to stay inside means that you can spend more time with friends and family. There’s no need to miss out on important moments because you had to step outside for a smoke.
  2. Smoking will do a lot of damage to your lungs, which makes it difficult to exercise properly. The good news is that Juuls do nowhere near as much damage to the lungs as cigarettes. Making the switch can restore your lungs to their normal health and give you more energy as well!
  3. Your looks and overall appearance improve when you quit smoking. Smoking tobacco can damage your skin and hair, which makes you look older than you really are. Smoking causes wrinkles and spots to appear on the skin, and it causes hair to thin and dry out. The good news is that these chemicals aren’t in a Juul and so your body starts to get rid of them and repair the damage caused by them. Your hair starts to return to normal after making the switch, and your skin health improves too.

Don’t Delay, Make the Switch Today

It’s obvious that switching to a Juul is the right choice to make. Not only will you save a lot of money, but it improves your health and appearance, and makes social situations much better. A Juul is definitely the healthier option, and your body will thank you for making the switch!

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