PHIX Vs JUUL: Which E-Cig Choice is Better?

The use of Pod Mod e-cigarette devices has skyrocketed over the past few years. If we take into account the practicality and efficiency and performance of such systems, it’s not hard to figure out why so many experienced vaper smokers have adopted them in their daily regimes. Considering the broad collection of pod mod versions available out there, choosing the one that works best for you can be challenging. But the good news is that, in a large pool of pod mods, 2 products measure up as the key competitors: PHIX and JUUL. Both bear their own pros and cons and this report will aim to break these down and help you that way to make a smarter and more thoughtful purchase.


At first glimpse of the PHIX and the JUUL you can tell that their exteriors are very much alike, which is why they are often compared to each other. Both of these devices measure approx. 4 in. lengthwise which is a significant change to other hefty and weighty mods that you may come across on the market. Both PHIX and JUUL are preened up devices with single tone color patterns but JUUL’s flash drive pattern looks thinner than PHIX’s. Additionally, the structure of the former enables a maximized subtle vaping experience as you can hide it and bury it with minimal effort. The size and form of the device look similar to that of a conventional cigarette and this a great advantage for folks like me who are badly seeking for an alternative choice to satisfy their nicotine cravings and their usual habits.

Battery overview

Both PHIX and JUUL are offered with their supplemental patented chargers. The JUUL Starter pack is also available with a USB charging unit that links to the base of the unit through a magnetic line. In the PHIX unit, the USB charger has a similar charging unit but the main difference with the former is that it’s not wireless. The drawbacks appearing in both of these devices is that each comes with its own unique charger and thus it is pivotal to always have the charger with you as you can’t use anything else. The JUUL charging unit lasts around 200 puffs on average--in the PHIX unit though, there is no current sign of your battery’s status. You specifically have to tap 2X lightly on the LED light indicator at the front of the JUUL unit to see its charging status.


The JUUL starter pack comes with 4 pod flavors: Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Virginia Tobacco, and Creme Brulee. JUULcompany has also recently released a mango flavor. Likewise, the PHIX pack comes with 5 flavors: Original Tobacco, Butterscotch Tobacco, Ice Tobacco, Spearmint, and Hard Strawberry. Every JUUL pod includes 0.7mL plus 5% nicotine/weight which is equal to one package of cigarettes. In PHIX there are 1.5ml plus 5% nicotine per weight. In general, while a PHIX pod tends to last more than a JUUL unit, we can state from personal experience that if you are seeking for a total satisfying throat-hit, the JUUL hasn’t let us down yet in this regard.

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