The Benefits of Applying a Juul Wrap

Anyone that has a Juul knows how plain they can be. They’re great for everyday use, but their clean black finish gets boring. They are also vulnerable and easily damaged. Putting a Juul wrap on your devices fixes these issues, but it also goes much further. Here are the benefits of applying a Juul Wrap.

Everyone loves customizing their possessions, and they do this all the time; whether customizing their home, cars, or clothes. It gives one a creative outlet to show who they really are. Your Juul deserves to be brightened up, and Juul wraps make this possible.

There’s an almost endless amount of choice with all the different skins on the market. From backwoods to goyard inspired wraps, to marble finishes, it’s easy to appeal to your individual sense of style. It’s easy to choose the design that suits you best!

It’s all too easy to drop your Juul. Some people can drop theirs several times in one day. All of this dropping and fumbling creates scuffs and scratch marks. Sometimes the only way to tell the difference between your Juul and someone else’s is the scars it has acquired. Being able to avoid the damage in the first place would give you a much better experience with your Juul.

Juul Wraps create a shield for your Juul. It protects it from falls and other damage. That’s great as replacing a damaged Juul can be a cost you would rather avoid. Juul Wraps can also protect your vape against water damage.

One popular modification trend we’ve seen is people heating their Juul to make them appear different colors. This can be dangerous to both you and the device. You run the risk of burning yourself and so we have to advise against doing this. It also runs the risk of damaging the inner workings of the Juul. Not only can you mess up the electronic components, but you can warp the metal of the device too. You’ll find the Juul doesn’t go back together the same way after taking it apart. This voids your warranty and retailers can tell when you’ve tampered with a device like this.

Juul Wraps are a great way to avoid these problems. As well as protecting your Juul and the warranty on it, it also eliminates the need for other modifications as a wrap can make a Juul look great by itself. Applying a wrap can save you both time and money!

Applying a Juul skin is super easy. This is because they cover the edges and are turned around the device. A template that fits like a glove is essential to having a great looking vape. Sticking the skin on is a breeze thanks to the adhesive on our vinyl. It feels great knowing you have something that is going to last.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to seeing battery levels and charging your device too. Skins are cut in such a way that you can see the display/light on your device and charge it without a problem. You can stay on top of the condition of your Juul and know when it needs charging with a Juul wrap.

Stick a Wrap on your Juul!
The idea of a custom Juul is enough to get anyone excited. With benefits outside of looking great, such as protection and preservation, applying a Juul wrap is just a no-brainer. Choose your design, and apply your own Juul Wrap!