Vaping Vs Traditional Smoking: Consumer Report

If you are a user of tobacco stuff and perhaps thinking of trying out vaping as a change, it would be wise to examine the characteristics that surround both options so you can make a more thoughtful decision. Vaping in place of conventional smoking clearly has some pros but the info presented below should help you make a better choice.

Chemical Breakdown

Chemical-wise, it is widely accepted that both tobacco and e-liquid formulas bear some chemicals that have an impact on your system. However, these two smoking formulas differ in the number and type of chemicals they have inside. For instance, a Juul or similar kind of vaping formula bears 45 separate kinds of chemicals inside its e-liquid formula. On the contrary, traditional tobacco has a whopping 4K chemical kinds featuring 42 recognized carcinogens and 400 toxic substances. If we make a comparison, tobacco has the same number of carcinogens as the total number of ingredients vaping has. This clear fact should be sufficient on its own to make you shift from traditional smoking to a Juul vaping to get your dose. If you despize swallowing chemicals inside your body, making this shift is a thing you should absolutely think about.

Health & Safety Aspects

Apart from the clear chemical advantages of Juul over traditional smoking products, Juul takes the lead on safety matters as well, even compared to other vaping systems. Smoking products like traditional cigarettes or cigars have to be let out to an active flame which can be dangerous. Small stuff like hair stands or clothes can get caught in flames and burning cigarette bottoms can trigger wildfires if they are not finished off the right way. While a conventional vape is a safer choice than open fire flamed by cigarettes, in some cases overpowered batteries can break and cause leakages. This is where Juul takes the lead safety-wise. You no longer have to deal with open fire or overpowered batteries which can cause accidents.


Tobacco product smoking (cigars or cigarettes) can become a costly ritual. The mean cost for a pack of cigarettes in the U.S is $6.16 after tax. So if you puff one pack daily, the costs could add up to $2, 285 in a single year. Of course, this is the average--if you smoke more than a pack per day, the costs could pile up even more. A juul vaping unit on the contrary, is a much less costly alternative. Consider that one Juul pod unit costs 16 dollars and comes with 4 pods. Each pods is equal to a pack of cigarettes and if you make some estimates, you will clearly realize that the money you save is incredibly high. Smoking one Juul pod daily could trim down your costs to $1.471 which makes it more than $1K less costly than traditional cigarette smoking.

Going for a Juul unit is a great choice if you wish to quit smoking. If we consider cost, health, safety, and materials, a Juul system is levels above tobacco products and conventional vaping systems. Once you try out a Juul unit, you can rely on to provide you with some personalized solutions like juul skins and wraps at a reasonable price.