Why Do Others Use The Juul Vaporizer?

The Goal of Juul

The Juul vaporizing unit was created with the main goal to act as a cigarette smoking quitting aid. E-cigs featuring the Juul vaporizer work to offer the user a small dose of nicotine to decrease their urges that emerge from withdrawal symptoms. The Juul vaporizer is a system that supplies nicotine digitally to the user, by gradually warming up the e-liquid through a coil and wick unit.

PAX labs, the producers of JUUL pens, state that their product is one-of-a-kind compared to other e-cig manufacturers because it employs nicotine salts in place of freebase nicotine. PAX claims that this leads to an improved user experience in comparison to its competing brands. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated that due to the JUUL’s warming unit, its vaporizers emit a much lower number of carcinogens compared to its counterparts, which makes many users praising them as a healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes and other e-cig brands.

JUUL pods and nicotine salts

As specified earlier, the JUUL pods employ nicotine salts instead of freebase nicotine. They also resemble more closely the appearance of traditional cigarettes. The rate of absorption is on par with that of conventional cigarettes and concurrently, it is considered less powerful than freebase nicotine of the same ratio. They make the typical formula marked for e-liquid with the difference being the addition of benzoic acid to the mix. Benzoic acid is a substance naturally occurring in any tobacco plant.

PAX Labs claims that this is the key yet hidden ingredient that triggers a sort of magickal response. And the irony here is that this wonderous substance was produced within a laboratory by a team of scientists with the primary aim to assist those battling with the smoking addiction to quit their damaging habit. A single Juul Pod’s content is equal to a pack of cigs and enough for 200 puffs. At this moment of writing, there are just 4 pod flavors available for purchase but PAX Labs company has recently launched another flavor (cool cucumber), available in specific selling spots.

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