Razer Phone 2 Wraps

Top-Quality Materials

Take the game in your own hands with Razer Phone 2, and take style and protection in your own hands with precision-fit wraps by Wraps Studio! Our expertly-created wraps fit your device like a glove and are designed to enhance it with complete style and protection from scratches and spills. Plus, our exclusive air-release technology lets you smooth it on with ease to create a flawless finish fast. You can take it off just as easily too, should you decide to outfit your smartphone in another stylish wrap by Wraps Studio.


Complete Precision

Don’t waste time with wraps you have to cut and trim to fit your Razer Phone 2. With Wraps Studio, your precision-fit wrap is cut to the exact dimensions of your device. Simply smooth it on for a flawless fit in seconds to give your smartphone a look that matches your unique style. Wraps Studio has over 50+ cool styles that you can apply with ease in seconds to protect your smartphone stylishly.


Awesome Designs

Wraps Studio features the coolest designs available for your Razer Phone 2. Choose from psychedelics, camo, American flag, waves, carbon fiber in colors, and plenty more. All our designs are precision-cut to fit your smartphone with absolute ease. Plus, we offer them at competitive prices. So you get the best designs, the best technology to protect your Razer, and the best prices. Choosing the design you like best is all part of the fun at Wraps Studio!


Our Promise to You

Not only does Wraps Studio have a safe and secure site for you to order your flawlessly-finished precision-cut Razer Phone 2, but we’ve also got you covered with our lifetime warranty to back up our products. We’re so sure you won’t need another skin for your Razer Phone 2 (unless you want to change your style with a different one that is) that our lifetime warranty allows you to send your old one back to get a replacement one free. Buy your Razer Phone 2 skin or one for the many other devices we design for and you’ll always get free shipping too. Those other guys charge you shipping, but us? Never! It’s time to level up your Razer Phone 2 with a wrap that’s more your style with Wraps Studio!

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